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  • Actively seek out the most transformative, innovative projects to pioneer a more sustainable future.
  • Provide forward-thinking advice and unparalleled expertise to help our clients thrive in a changing world and make the transition to a low-carbon economy.
  • Leverage global research and the wider industry to assist our businesses and clients in addressing the world’s most significant challenges, including climate change.
  • Enhance our reputation and global strength as a diversified professional services firm through the solutions we offer.
  • Seek to incorporate sustainability and resilience into all phases of the project lifecycle.
  • Measure and manage our ESG performance and improve it over time, including formal assessments of ESG risks and opportunities associated with our operations.
  • Comply with applicable regulations relating to protecting the environment, preventing pollution and driving continuous improvement in our environmental management systems.
  • Seek suppliers who are committed to our ESG objectives and engage all stakeholders to improve performance in our supply chain.
  • Foster safe, ethical workplaces that support diversity and inclusion, continuous learning and nurture rewarding careers.
  • Give back to the communities where we live and work with time and resources.
  • Educate and train our workforce on ESG topics and responsible management.
  • Our corporate governance framework supports our ESG activities. Board-level responsibility lies with the Chair of the Governance, Ethics and Compensation Committee (GEC Committee) of the Board of Directors. All employees are responsible for respecting the commitments set out in this Global ESG Statement, and reports on progress will be made quarterly to the Global Leadership Team and the GEC Committee.
  • Fio’s contribution is to plan, design, manage and engineer our communities to thrive; as one of the world’s largest professional services firms, the greatest benefit Fio can provide is through the services we offer and the projects we deliver. We also minimise the negative impact of our own operations and increase the positive, earning our reputation as a leader in sustainability. Fio is committed to setting the highest standard in our industry through an ambitious data driven ESG program that delivers optimal outcomes for all stakeholders.
  • Adhering to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), we commit to implement the Ten Principles and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our Objective



Our Clients


We will prepare our clients for the future by understanding trends related to society, climate change, technology and resources and reflecting them in our designs and advice.

Our Expertise


We will provide expert professional services in sustainability, energy, climate change and environment to help clients improve sustainability performance, reduce costs, create brand value and manage risk across their organisation.

Our Operational Excellence


We will actively manage and improve our own ESG performance, and disclose performance annually through recognised frameworks, setting an example as a global firm and strengthening Fio for our stakeholders and for society at large.

Our People and Culture


We will provide an environment for our people to deliver to their full potential, as well as participate meaningfully in their communities.

We will deliver on these objectives by conducting our business in a manner that creates a positive impact on our environment and society, and by taking a proactive role in delivering the best solutions for all stakeholders.


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